SEO Tutorial - 5 Effective SEO Techniques
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Keywords are words people type into search engines to find what they are looking for, like “How to build a blog.” When you write a blog post, you must use your keywords more than once. Why? Because Google will think your website is more useful for its searchers if you use more keywords. When you type something into Google, the words you typed are highlighted in all the results. Keywords. To choose your keywords, you need to make a mind map and write down words that apply to your site and related topics. Leave out words like “and” and “on” that don’t apply.

Please don’t put too many keywords all over your text. If you use your keywords too often, Google might think it’s spam and lower your visibility.

Making content

Adding a blog will be helpful if you have a website but not a blog. As you write more posts about your niche, you’ll use more keywords on your site, ranking it higher on search engines. Google may think your site is more important if it has more keywords. Also, each blog post has its URL, so your site will have more links that can show up in a search engine.

As well as being important Google wants to give its searchers the best and most recent information. So, if you regularly add new information to your site, like blog posts, you can get more SEO points.


This goes back to your website, which is why it is called a “backlink.” Backlinks are important for SEO because if Google sees that you’re linking to multiple sites, which it does, it will think your site is more relevant and authoritative and rank you higher. You can add backlinks to your posts on other blogs, forums, etc.

Beware! Only link back to sites that are already well-known and rank well on search engines. If you link to “crap” sites, Google will think yours is also “crap.”

Social media

People say that adding social media to your website can help you increase rankings. This is because people who visit your website can “like” it, which adds more links to your link building.

If your website has a lot of followers, Google might think it is a high-authority site, which could help your rank. However, don’t buy hundreds of thousands of followers if there is no consistency in the people who follow you. Google may notice this and lower your ranking because of it.

mobile optimization

Due to the rise in smartphone use, this is something that SEO tutorials haven’t talked about before. Make sure your site works well on mobile devices. Google can give your site a higher rank than others if it works well on multiple devices. This is because you can offer a platform that others can’t.

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