Cave Digger 2 Dig Harder will arrive in physical format

Cave Digger 2 Dig Tougher is an motion journey sport set in wild valleys the place you’ll discover previous mines, nautical caves and ruins of historic civilizations impressed by western, dieselpunk and lovecraftian themes.

Enterprise down a mine shaft and, in opposition to the clock, dig for treasure. Your treasure shall be bought and you may improve your tools to dig deeper and purchase new instruments to extract completely different supplies.

Welcome to the brand new frontier.

You possibly can see the trailer within the following LINK.

Cave Digger 2 Dig Deeper options crossplay for 1-4 gamers, new fight, and a marketing campaign mode.

Enhanced for PlayStation VR2, Cave Digger 2 Dig Deeper additionally provides:

  • improved graphics
  • headphones rumor
  • Eye Monitoring in MP
  • Adaptive triggers on instruments
  • improved haptics

Cave Digger 2 Dig Tougher It’s going to arrive in bodily format for PlayStation VR2 and is already out there to pre-order. Its launch date shall be March 3, 2023.