Analysis : Persona 4 Naoto: personality, voice actors and more

We’re going to cowl rather a lot on this Persona 4 Naoto information, but it surely ought to enable you put together for P4G, forward of Persona 4 Change’s launch date. We will not wait to see Persona 3 Transportable and Persona 4 Golden coming to Nintendo Change within the close to future, so we thought we would enable you rise up to hurry or introduce you to the numerous totally different characters, with our collection of nice guides.

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Right here you go of us, our information masking Naoto from Persona 4

Persona 4 Naoto

Who’s Naoto from Persona 4?

Descended from a protracted line of well-known detectives within the Shirogane household, Naoto is the shortest member of the group and androgynous in look, with quick hair usually hidden beneath his detective-style cap. Naoto is launched to the group in the course of the investigation into the murders plaguing Inaba, and shortly deduces that Kanji would be the subsequent sufferer. To any extent further, she helps the SEES group as a lot as potential, in her personal method.

Naoto then enrolls in Yasogami Excessive College, the place persons are in awe of his talents. She tells the principle solid of characters who’ve been treating the investigation like a recreation and vows to unravel the thriller appropriately.

Persona 4 Naoto’s Character

She misplaced her mother and father in a automobile accident at a younger age (which appears to occur rather a lot to Persona characters), so Naoto is an orphan who usually acts very mature past her years. Due to this, she is commonly known as “uptight” by different members of the Investigation Group and her pals, as she likes to give attention to the mission at hand. Extraordinarily clever and wonderful at discovering clues, Naoto is revered in school, although her outspoken persona causes hassle with a number of the different college students.

Naoto’s want to be taken severely as a detective causes her insecurities when officers look down on her due to her age and gender. Due to this, she will get very annoyed with the conservative individuals within the police pressure and tries even more durable to be an excellent detective. The sexism she faces additionally leads her to query whether or not or not she desires to be a lady and influences her androgynous model.

Persona 4 Naoto: An image shows Naoto from Persona 4, the young woman in the detective outfit with short blue hair

What are Persona 4 Naoto’s talents?

Along with his mixture of expertise and intelligence, Naoto is a well-rounded character with mixture of stats. She has a base of 66 str and 69 magazine, and is implausible later within the recreation because of her Almighty talents. She lacks actually standout talents because of the number of stats on her, which might be annoying, and means it can take some work to make Naoto totally viable, however there are many choices. She generally is a nice energy caster in Persona 4 Golden because of entry to Bufudyne and Ziodyne, however once more, she may not be the best choice on regular except she makes use of her versatility.

These are the skills that you may unlock by means of your social hyperlink:

  • Invigorate One: Recovers three sp every flip in battle
  • Psychological Cost: Your subsequent magic assault could have 250% extra energy
  • Invigorate 2 – Recovers 5 sp every flip in battle
  • Heat Riser: Will increase an ally’s Assault, Protection, and Hit/Dodge for 3 turns
  • Invigorate 3 – Recovers seven sp every flip in battle

Persona 4 Naoto: An image shows Naoto from Persona 4, the young woman in the detective outfit with short blue hair

Who’s the voice actor of Persona 4 Naoto?

Within the Japanese variations of Persona 4, Naoto is voiced by Romi Park. Followers could acknowledge Romi because the voice of Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ken Ichijouji in a number of Digimon titles, Zoe Hange in Assault on Titan, and Pakunoda in HunterXHunter.

Within the English model of Persona 4, Naoto was initially voiced by Anna Graves, who followers could acknowledge because the voice of Satine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ms. Albert in Enormous Mouth, and Sarah Garza in Marvel’s Avengers. Nonetheless, since Persona 4 Ultimax in 2012, Naoto has been voiced by Valeria Arem.

We hope this information helps you get to know the implausible detective often known as Naoto, although you will get to know her even higher once we lastly be taught extra in regards to the Persona 4 Change launch date for Nintendo Change.